Short Reads

10 February 2022

How should ‘Global Britain’ respond to Russian aggression?

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that ‘Global Britain’ needs a proactive posture to curtail Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine
4 February 2022

Lessons for today’s natural gas crisis from the 1970s oil crises

William Young explores the gas crisis gripping the world and asks if there are lessons to be learnt from the 1970s
6 April 2022

A new European triumvirate: Plurilateralism in action

James Rogers explores the geopolitical implications of a new ‘trilateral’ agreement between the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Poland
5 January 2022

Little England or Global Britain? The declinist state of mind

James Thorp discusses the narratives of declinism and how the idea of ‘Global Britain’ can help combat them
16 December 2021

The poverty of American ‘Indo-Pacificism’

James Rogers explains how the United Kingdom should respond to the American geostrategic approach of ‘Indo-Pacificism’ and deter Russia
9 December 2021

What motivates Russia’s actions in Ukraine

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė explains the strategic and tactical reasons for Russia’s renewed military deployment near Ukraine
11 November 2021

Why Japan’s defence budget pledge is good for Britain

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones highlights the implications of Japan’s pledge to double defence spending for security in the Indo-Pacific
3 November 2021

No place for fossil fuel subsidies

Jack Richardson looks at how phasing out fossil fuel subsidies could help Britain lead in the green energy revolution
22 November 2021

What Britain’s Defence Space Strategy needs

Richard Payne looks forward towards the upcoming Defence Space Strategy and assesses what is needed to protect Britain in space
22 September 2021

Britain: Towards Net Zero

Jack Richardson looks at the requirements for Britain to make a successful transition towards Net Zero carbon emissions