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Short Reads

Taiwan in the Integrated Review Refresh: More than a mention

Gray Sergeant assesses the mention of Taiwan in the Integrated Review ‘refresh’ and the UK’s evolving policy towards the Taiwan Strait

What does victory look like for Ukraine?

Dr Alexander Lanoszka analyses how Ukrainian victory can be defined in the country’s fight against Russian aggression

Why DSIT’s success is vital for British power

Allan Nixon underlines the importance of emerging technologies for the future of Britain’s economy, society and military

NATO goes on manoeuvres in the Indo-Pacific

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses the visit of NATO’s Secretary General to South Korea and Japan

Britain’s clean energy transition: Clean technology investment

Jack Richardson argues that Britain needs to adjust its fiscal policy to allow its renewable energy sector to flourish

Britain: Europe’s challenger power on Ukraine

Prof. Richard G. Whitman and James Rogers analyse Britain’s decision to equip Ukraine’s armed forces with Challenger 2 tanks

The drivers of Britain’s military assistance to Ukraine

Lt. Col. Jordan Becker and Dr Alexander Lanoszka detail the strategic, economic and risk factors driving the UK’s military aid to Ukraine

JETPs and the UK’s international engagement

William Young underlines the importance of Just Energy Transition Partnerships to the UK’s international engagement

AUSMIN 2022: Shared interests over shared values

Patrick Triglavcanin assesses shifting foreign policy approaches from Australia and the United States after AUSMIN 2022

Towards the Sunak doctrine?

James Rogers reviews the speech on foreign policy Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gave to the Lord Mayor’s Banquet on 28th November 2022