How China and Russia ‘position’ the United Kingdom

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7 April at 13:00 14:00 BST

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Join Dr Andrew Foxall, Matthew Henderson and Edward Lucas in this panel discussion, moderated by Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė, to understand how China and Russia ‘position’ the United Kingdom.

About the event

If the United Kingdom – as a leading democracy – is to compete in an age of intensifying geopolitical competition, the country needs to better understand the political offensives of revisionist opponents. In previous periods of geopolitical struggle, Britain’s sheer material power could compensate for strategic errors of judgment. Today, with less relative material power at its disposal than in the past, the UK has to be more aware of opponents’ political operations if it is to protect its interests, particularly due to its openness, lack of national cohesion, and unpreparedness.

These political interventions – often designed to strike at the foundation of the meaning that defines the UK’s international role and position – are likely to proliferate in the years ahead. Until we know how other countries, not least Britain’s most powerful rivals, may be attempting to frame the country as an international actor, it will be harder to develop an effective policy response.

Join this fascinating discussion with leading China and Russia experts – Dr Andrew Foxall, Matthew Henderson and Edward Lucas – to understand how China and Russia ‘position’ the United Kingdom as an international actor and how Britain should respond.


Dr Andrew Foxall

Visiting Fellow, Changing Character of War Centre, University of Oxford

Matthew Henderson

Independent Expert on China

Edward Lucas

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Centre for European Policy Analysis


Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė

0044 (0) 20 3915 5626