Media Appearances

The Council on Geostrategy and its staff and Associate Fellows have been cited and carried in leading British and international media publications and audio-visual networks. The most recent coverage can be seen below:

8 December 2021

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė appears on Times Radio

Speaking with Phil Williams, Viktorija discusses the likely outcomes of the video call between President Biden and President Putin

6 December 2021

The Sunday Express quotes James Rogers

In an article about the head of MI6’s comments on China, James Rogers says it is the strongest language from HMG yet

6 December 2021

Lord Risby writes for Conservative Home

The Chair of our Advisory Council, Lord Richard Risby, has written a piece about the importance of fresh geostrategic thinking

6 December 2021

A recent Britain’s World article is quoted in The Times

Benjamin Tallis’ contribution to our online magazine is featured in The Times ‘World at Five’ round-up

3 December 2021

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė is interviewed on Times Radio

Speaking with Phil Williams, Viktorija discusses the comments made by the Russian Foreign Minister and the security situation in Eastern Europe

2 December 2021

James Rogers is interviewed on LBC Radio

Speaking with Tom Swarbrick, James discusses NordStream II and Britain’s role in supporting Eastern Europe

10 December 2021

Mark Galeotti writes for The Spectator

Associate Fellow Mark Galeotti mentions his recent report for the Council on Geostrategy entitled ‘The Black Sea region: Beyond NATO’

26 November 2021

Jack Richardson writes for Conservative Home

Our Environmental Security Associate Fellow, Jack Richardson, writes about our recent Critical Minerals policy paper

30 November 2021

Bill Hayton mentions our Vietnam paper in ASPI Strategist

Bill Hayton, author of our recent Policy Paper on British-Vietnamese relations, writes for ASPI Strategist

26 November 2021

Alex Stafford MP mentions recent Critical Minerals paper

Alexander Stafford, MP for Rother Valley, discusses critical minerals and mentions our recent Environmental Security paper