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As a non-partisan think-tank, the Council on Geostrategy aims to create a forum between Parliamentary leaders and the broader policy community to promote British leadership in a world defined increasingly by geopolitical competition and the environmental crisis.

Advisory Council: Parliamentary Members

From the House of Commons, Andrew Bowie MP, James Gray MP, The Rt. Hon. Tobias Ellwood MP, Royston Smith MP, and Tom Tugendhat MP are members of our Advisory Council. From the House of Lords, The Rt. Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones, The Rt. Hon. Earl of Oxford and Asquith, The Lord Risby, and Baroness Verma are members of our Advisory Council.

We engage with all parliamentarians who share with us the vision of a more united, stronger and greener Britain.

Upcoming events

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our events are currently hosted online.

Parliamentary Briefings

23 July 2021 | Briefings

Briefing 05: Boycotting the Winter Olympics 2022

John Dobson explains why the United Kingdom should boycott the Winter Olympics in 2022, which are to be hosted in the People’s Republic of China
2 July 2021 | Briefings

Briefing 04: The British Council’s financial difficulties

John Dobson analyses what the British Council’s financial difficulties mean for the United Kingdom’s global posture
25 June 2021 | Briefings

Briefing 03: One Britain One Nation

John Dobson assesses the furore over the Department for Education’s support for the One Britain One Nation Day.

Parliamentary Evidence

Parliamentary Engagement

The Council on Geostrategy engages with the Houses of Parliament. We facilitate forums where members of the Houses of Parliament can actively engage with the broader policy community from Britain, as well as overseas. Our experts also prepare oral and written evidence for parliamentary inquiries on geopolitical issues and environmental security matters.


The establishment of the Council on Geostrategy is a hugely important step. In a deeply divided and increasingly  polarised world where our values are tested more than ever, it is important that this new council gives focus and a platform for a strong defence of liberal, enlightened values on the world stage.

– Andrew Bowie MP

Never were we more in need of fresh thinking than in these uncertain times. The Council on Geostrategy will, I hope, be a wellspring of new ideas to strengthen Britain against geopolitical competition, and to combat the global environmental crisis.

James Gray MP

In our long history it has been events, both foreseen and unforeseen , which demand reappraisal and rethink of our life as a nation, both domestically and internationally. Now is precisely that moment again, and in consequence this is what the newly founded Council on Geostrategy has as its mission and clear objective.

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Risby


The Council on Geostrategy is a non-profit organisation. We accept general and project-based funding from institutions, companies and individuals who share our mission and accept our intellectual independence.


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