6 April 2022

China’s ‘Two Sessions’ paper over cracks in a troubled economy

George Magnus explores the economic and policy backdrop to the ‘Two Sessions’ and how the main economic challenges facing China are being addressed, or not.
5 April 2022

China: Between the National People’s Congress and the Party Congress

Charles Parton OBE explores the main political and social angles of the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Two Sessions’ in 2022
15 March 2022

Net Zero: The geostrategic rationale for ‘Global Britain’

Jack Richardson explains why the United Kingdom’s Net Zero agenda is essential for its geostrategic interests
11 March 2022

China watching in the ‘New Era’: A guide

Charles Parton OBE provides a practical guide to ‘watch’, analyse and understand the People’s Republic of China
11 March 2022

The Chinese Communist Party’s Sixth Plenum

Charles Parton OBE explains what the Chinese Communist Party’s Sixth Plenum, which will be held between 8th and 11th November 2021, is likely to achieve
11 March 2022

The Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea

Dr Bill Hayton examines the People’s Republic of China’s potential responses to the presence of the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea
11 March 2022

The Chinese Communist Party at 100: Adaptable and abiding

Dr Holly Snape argues that 100 years after its founding the Chinese Communist Party remains adaptable and abiding under Xi Jinping’s forceful leadership
11 March 2022

Taiwan in the next decade: no war, but much tension

Charles Parton explains what free and open countries can do to aid Taiwan in light of threats and an aggressive stance from the People’s Republic of China