Geopolitics Programme

5 July 2022

E44: The future of NATO with Prof. Sir Lawrence Freedman

In Episode 44, Viktorija speaks with Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman about the future of NATO in the wake of the Madrid Summit
20 June 2022

E43: Latvian Perspectives on European Security with Rihards Kols

In Episode 43, Viktorija speaks with Chair of the Latvian Foreign Affairs Committee, Rihards Kols, about Latvia's view of European security
16 June 2022

E42: European energy security and the role of Ukraine

In Episode 42, Viktorija speaks with the authors of our recent report about European energy security and the role of Ukraine in the future
14 June 2022

Dr Shetler-Jones argues Japan’s defence policy shift is real

Our Associate Fellow is interviewed by JAPAN Forward to discuss how Japan is adjusting its defence priorities under Fumio Kishida
16 June 2022

A new energy policy for Europe: The significance of Ukraine

Dr Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers and Patrick Triglavcanin outline Ukraine’s potential in replacing Russia’s fossil fuel exports to the European Union
7 June 2022

E41: 100 days of war with Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko

In Episode 41, Viktorija speaks with His Excellency Vadym Prystaiko, Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, about the war in Ukraine and more
27 May 2022

E40: The UK’s new energy security strategy with Sam Hall

In Episode 40, Viktorija speaks with the Director of the Conservative Environment Network about the recently released energy security strategy
27 May 2022

Dr Shetler-Jones explains China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific

Our Associate Fellow appears on BBC World News to discuss the recent efforts of China to bolster its security ties to Indo-Pacific island states
25 May 2022

James Rogers discusses Britain’s role in supporting Ukraine

Our Director of Research is interviewed on TVP World about Britain’s role in the defence of Europe, defence agreements with Finland and Sweden, and more
24 May 2022

James Rogers on the likelihood of a coup against Putin

Our Director of Research speaks to Sky News Breakfast about Russia’s objectives in Ukraine and the likelihood of a coup against Putin