Systemic Competition

The Integrated Review: Five key innovations

James Rogers assesses the Integrated Review. What are the five key innovations to underpin Global Britain’s international posture?

Forever bound: Global Britain and the Wider Baltic

James Rogers and Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė assess the British Foreign Secretary’s visit to Tallinn in March 2021. What does it mean for Global Britain and the Wider Baltic?

A new type of Britain-Japan Alliance

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones assesses Britain’s ‘tilt’ towards the Indo-Pacific and new kind of alliance with Japan. Can both countries learn from the past?

The new power equation: Science

Daniel Korski assesses Britain’s weaknesses in terms of science power. How can British science, critical for the twenty-first century, be enhanced?

Why HMS Queen Elizabeth should deploy to the Far East

Dr Alexander Clarke analyses recent criticism that HMS Queen Elizabeth’s maiden deployment is too risky and a waste of money. Are they right?