William Young

William Young is Director at BloombergNEF, Bloomberg’s strategic research business and climate lead on the East-West focused New Economy Forum. He was formerly Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer and prior to that was instrumental in launching NEF’s research capabilities and advising clients on technology, finance, economics, politics and business opportunities in the transition to a low carbon economy.

6 June 2022

China’s carbon-intensive rise: Addressing the tensions

William Young and Jack Richardson explain how the United Kingdom’s environmental policy towards the People’s Republic of China is becoming outmoded
4 February 2022

Lessons for today’s natural gas crisis from the 1970s oil crises

William Young explores the gas crisis gripping the world and asks if there are lessons to be learnt from the 1970s
22 February 2022

E20: Critical Minerals with Alexander Stafford MP and Will Young

In Episode 20, Viktorija talks with Alexander Stafford MP and William Young about Britain's upcoming critical minerals strategy
25 November 2021

Critical minerals: Towards a British strategy

William Young and Jack Richardson explain how the United Kingdom can enhance its resilience in relation to critical minerals – particularly rare earths
29 July 2021

‘Green Britain’: A scientific superpower for a new era

William Young explains how the United Kingdom can become a scientific superpower by reestablishing the virtuous circle between state, economy and innovation
30 June 2021

Amazon’s waste scandal: awful, but what next?

William Young asks how the United Kingdom could reform its waste disposal systems after ITV News claimed that Amazon sends unwanted goods to landfill
7 February 2022

E8: Carbon Borders with William Young

In Episode 8, Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė speaks to William Young, Director of Bloomberg NEF, about carbon leakage and carbon borders
29 July 2021

When climate and trade combine: British policy options

William Young provides options for the United Kingdom to help develop an effective international response to the issue of carbon leakage