Policy Papers

China’s PLAN: Maritime dominion beyond the South China Sea

Emma Salisbury investigates the PRC’s naval build up and modernisation and its implications for the geopolitics of the South China Sea

AI power and British strategy

Robert Bassett Cross, Harry Halem and Gabriel Elefteriu present how Britain can best harness the potential of artificial intelligence

Chinese cellular (IoT) modules: Countering the threat

Charles Parton OBE investigates the threat Chinese CIMs pose to the UK as well as other free and open countries

The Red Sea: Britain’s uncertain link

James Fargher analyses Britain’s contemporary interests in the Red Sea, before arguing for a more permanent naval presence in the region

Internet neutrality: Options for Britain

Prof. John Hemmings analyses internet neutrality in a British context and options for the country as it rethinks its approach

Europe’s new ‘Moonshot’ space plan: How should Britain respond?

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS breaks down Europe’s ‘Revolution Space’ report, identifying areas for improvement and interest to the UK

The climate and migration: Implications for Britain

Jack Richardson and William Young explain how Britain can enhance its approach to both ‘climate-induced’ and ‘climate-provoked’ migration

Geopolitics in the Himalayas: Towards a British strategy

Gray Sergeant explores the geopolitics of the Himalayas in the context of the United Kingdom’s ‘tilt’ to the Indo-Pacific region

Deepening British-Ukrainian relations in a more competitive era

Dr Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers and Dr Hanna Shelest examine how the British-Ukrainian relationship can be strengthened

‘Global Britain’ and the Black Sea region

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers outline British geostrategy in the Black Sea region and construct four scenarios for the future