Ukraine and the Black Sea

Since Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, and subsequent ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine in 2022, the Black Sea, once a relatively peaceful, if not particularly prosperous, area of the Euro-Atlantic region has been turned into a warzone. Russia’s aggression means that anarchy reigns around the Black Sea, threatening the European security order, which the United Kingdom has pledged to uphold.

Given the increasing geostrategic significance of Ukraine and the Black Sea to British interests, the Council on Geostrategy has focused on developing a new generation of strategic thinking to identify the measures needed to help Ukraine and other countries adjacent to the Black Sea better defend themselves in the face of Russian aggression.

Our work in this area can be found below:


1 February 2023 | Primers

The trilateral initiative: Rekindling relations between Britain, Poland and Ukraine

By: Przemysław Biskup, James Rogers, Hanna Shelest
20 July 2022 | Policy Papers

Deepening British-Ukrainian relations in a more competitive era

By: Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers, Hanna Shelest
8 June 2022 | Reports

A new energy policy for Europe: The significance of Ukraine

By: Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers, Patrick Triglavcanin
29 March 2022 | Policy Papers

‘Global Britain’ and the Black Sea region

By: Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers
25 November 2021 | Policy Papers

The Black Sea region: Beyond NATO

By: Mark Galeotti, Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers

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