British Posture

Observing China: Three principles for the next British government

Elizabeth Lindley introduces the Council on Geostrategy’s China Observatory and identifies three principles for Britain when engaging with Beijing

Britain’s steel industry is at a crossroads

Dr Mann Virdee analyses the implications of the closure of the blast furnaces at Britain’s largest steelworks in Port Talbot

The energy transition is an historic opportunity, not a burden

John Caudwell argues the case for Net Zero, and where the United Kingdom needs to step up

Why Britain needs a larger navy

William Freer and James Rogers analyse the geostrategic rationale behind the UK’s need for a larger navy, and how this can best be achieved

British prosperity: The importance of the sea

Dr Carl Hunter OBE investigates the role of the maritime domain and those acting within it in ensuring British prosperity

AI and national security: What are the challenges?

Dr Mann Virdee provides an overview of the risks posed by artificial intelligence in the national security domain

The connection between geopolitics and geoeconomics

Neil Brown analyses the increasing connectedness between geoeconomics and geopolitics in the current global context

How can support for Ukraine be maintained?

The Council on Geostrategy asks eight strategic experts how support for Ukraine can be maintained in the short- and long-term

British foreign policy in an age of Trump 2.0

Ronan P. Mainprize investigates where British foreign policy will be most impacted if Donald Trump returns to the White House

Adapting the British Army for a maritime century

William Freer analyses how the British Army can best prepare itself for the geopolitical context of a maritime century