If visualised properly, maps can portray complex information in a way that the human brain can process and understand in seconds. That is why we produce maps to depict geostrategic developments and phenomena, especially from a British vantage point. Our geostrategic maps – comprising our GeoAtlas – can be found below:

11 July 2023 | Maps

The Royal Navy’s global reach

A map of the global reach of the Royal Navy that visualises the maritime mobility and versatility of British power
11 May 2023 | Maps

A Sinocentric world: The Belt and Road Initiative

A map of the People’s Republic of China’s attempt to centre itself in the global economy through the Belt and Road Initiative
23 March 2023 | Maps

The ‘refresh’ of the Integrated Review

A map of the geography of British power after the ‘refresh’ of the Integrated Review, published by His Majesty’s Government in March 2023
8 March 2023 | Maps

Underwater cables in the Euro-Atlantic region

A map of undersea cable infrastructure in the Euro-Atlantic region, depicting the centrality of the British Isles
7 December 2022 | Maps

The Chinese perspective of the Pacific region

A map of the People’s Republic of China’s geostrategic perspective, including the three ‘island chains’ Chinese geostrategists see as central to expansion
9 November 2022 | Maps

The geopolitics of the Himalayas

A map of the geopolitics of the Himalayas, including Chinese advances along the border with India and ‘stealth annexations’ of Bhutanese territory
6 September 2022 | Maps

The view from China

A map of the view from the People’s Republic of China, depicting the tremendous hurdles Chinese geostrategists must overcome to dominate the Pacific Ocean
21 February 2022 | Maps

The United Kingdom’s centrality to the defence of Europe

A map of the United Kingdom’s central role in the defence of the European continent, showing the focal points of British influence in the 2020s
17 February 2022 | Maps

The trilateral of Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom

A map of the trilateral initiative of Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, showing how three-way cooperation enhances European security
1 February 2022 | Maps

The geopolitics of AUKUS

A map of AUKUS, showing how the unique security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States encircles Eurasia
25 November 2021 | Maps

The geopolitics of the Black Sea region

A map of the geopolitics of the Black Sea region in the aftermath of Russia’s ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine, initiated in February 2022
25 November 2021 | Maps

The Black Sea between the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific

A map of Eurasia to show the geographic centrality of the Black Sea region to the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific theatres