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8 June 2022 | Reports

A new energy policy for Europe: The significance of Ukraine

By: Dr. Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers, Patrick Triglavcanin
30 May 2022 | Primers

China’s carbon-intensive rise: Addressing the tensions

By: William Young, Jack Richardson
29 March 2022 | Policy Papers

‘Global Britain’ and the Black Sea region

By: Dr. Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers


It is almost your last chance to join us for this evening’s event in the Palace of Westminster!

Our fantastic panellists will be discussing how #Ukraine is well-suited to providing for #Europe’s energy needs, if it receives proper support from the #EU post-war.

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Our #event on the future of #Europe’s #energy security and the role of #Ukraine takes place today at 6PM BST in the Palace of Westminster!

🗣️ @GregHands MP
🗣️ @Dunne4Ludlow MP
🗣️ Farid Safarov
🗣️ @james_rogers
🗣️ @zerkal_lana

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Yesterday, our Director of Strategy, @StarychSam, spoke to @olivernmoody of @thetimes to discuss #Kaliningrad, #Lithuania and the #SuwalkiGap.

‘You can’t discount the possibility that #Russia will strike.’

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