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13 May 2024 | Reports

A more lethal Royal Navy: Sharpening Britain’s naval power

By: William Freer, Emma Salisbury
29 April 2024 | Reports

The trilateral initiative: How Britain, Poland and Ukraine can shape a post-war Europe

By: Przemysław Biskup, Alexander Lanoszka, Maria Piechowska, James Rogers, Hanna Shelest, Marcin Terlikowski
24 April 2024 | Explainers

Why space matters to the United Kingdom

By: Gabriel Elefteriu

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America’s European partners need to think about & prepare for the reality that even if Trump loses, his influence & impact will remain during a second Biden administration, & better understand a fatigued American electorate. My latest for @ConGeostrategy.

‘Europe also needs to accelerate efforts to develop and retain a measure of independence or “strategic autonomy” when it comes to Ukraine, but also continental security more broadly.’ | ✍️ @joshuachuminski

Today, @james_rogers, our Co-founder and Director of Research, was delighted to moderate a panel on sea power at @PISM_Poland’s annual @Strategic_Ark conference in #Warsaw. The theme was ‘making navies great again’!

Today in #BritainsWorld, @joshuachuminski analyses the challenges Europe will face in its dealings with America regardless of if Trump returns to power 🇺🇸

‘America’s European allies and partners need to redouble their efforts in engaging Washington...’


🗓️4th June at 6pm BST
📍Palace of Westminster

💭‘The UK science and technology environment in 2024 and implications for “Net Zero”’

🌍@JohnDCaudwell, Lord Risby
🗣️@MannVirdee, Dr Alicia Greated and @bcsr

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One week on from the First Sea Lord’s Sea Power Conference 2024, watch @thehistoryguy explain how the maritime domain has been essential to Britain’s history and why it will remain so 👇

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