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The Council on Geostrategy is dedicated to making the United Kingdom, as well as other free and open nations, more united, stronger and greener – for a more secure and prosperous future.

We generate new geostrategic thinking for a more competitive age.

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🇬🇧 How should Britain shape NATO under a new government?

We asked 9 experts in today’s Big Ask…

✍️@h1llz, @John_ForemanCBE, @william_freer, @MarkGaleotti, @WarIntellectual, @BeatriceHeuser, @ZuzaZhenzhi, @james_rogers and @profdws

We are delighted to announce the launch of our China Observatory!

This new initiative seeks to monitor the Chinese Communist Party’s activities and to guide HM Government in the formulation of a coherent ‘China policy’ 🇨🇳

#ChinaObservatory 👇

The threats and opportunities drawing Australia to the Indian Ocean |

Recent op-ed 👇with @AsiaPacific4D's @grantwyeth discussing 🇦🇺's future engagement in the Indian Ocean.

@NSC_ANU @UNSWCanberra @ConGeostrategy

What should a ‘progressive realist’ foreign and defence policy look like?

We asked five experts in today’s Big Ask...

✍️ @EvieAspinall_, @Ed_Owen, @james_rogers, @garykent, @GraySergeant

Today in #BritainsWorld, @Elizabeth_AWL and Charles Parton analyse the challenges facing the CCP’s goal of ‘unification’ with Taiwan

‘Success only becomes possible when the PLA believes that it is overwhelmingly stronger than any opposition.’



🎙️ ‘Defence and disruptive technologies: Threats and opportunities’ with Rob Merryweather of @BAESystemsPLC, James Gavin of @DefenceES and @Robfox45

🎧 Listen to the new podcast episode now 👇

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