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22 March 2024 | Policy Papers

AI power and British strategy

By: Rob Bassett Cross, Harry Halem, Gabriel Elefteriu
8 February 2024 | Policy Papers

The Red Sea: Britain’s uncertain link

By: James Fargher

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Yesterday we hosted our Whitehall Briefings session at the In and Out Club!

We were delighted to be joined by @AnnabelGerry, Director, Development Engagement, @FCDOGovUK, to discuss ‘International development in a contested world: Unpacking Britain’s White Paper’ 🌍

‘This was a lacklustre edition of the “Two Sessions”...It paid obeisance to the idea of reform, but gave little indication that the party will – or can – tackle the main challenges facing the PRC, or indeed when.’ | ✍️ Charles Parton OBE

‘Maintaining maritime preponderance is a priority for the UK...In doing so, Britain should maximise opportunities and address challenges created by new and emerging technologies.’ |✍️Basil Germond, Joe Burton, Daniel Prince and @Simona_Soare @pprlancaster

Today in #BritainsWorld, Basil Germond, Joe Burton, Daniel Prince and @Simona_Soare investigate the importance of the cyber domain to Britain’s naval power 🇬🇧

#SPC2024 @pprlancaster 👇

From Charles Parton's explainer yesterday which gave a political breakdown of this year's NPC (find here: )

@georgemagnus1 gave an economic perspective about a month ago 👇

The First Sea Lord’s Essay Competition 2024 has now closed for entries!

We would like to thank all those who entered. The submissions will now be considered by an independent judging panel and all entrants will be notified of the outcome ✒️

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