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23 November 2023 | Primers

What is strategic advantage?

By: Gabriel Elefteriu, William Freer, James Rogers
21 September 2023 | Policy Papers

Internet neutrality: Options for Britain

By: John Hemmings

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Great to co-host this thought provoking #IndoPacificConference2023 alongside @AusHouseLondon. Special thanks to our partners @KingsCollegeLon and @ConGeostrategy. @VDoraiswami @sujitjoyghosh @AusHCUK @MEAIndia

My thanks to @ConGeostrategy for featuring my piece on The war on Ukraine’s impact on Europe from their archives in their newsletter this week. Still holds up pretty well nine months on...

This afternoon’s discussion saw Hon @Lisa_Singh of @AIinstitute, Prof Harsh V Pant of @orfonline, and @James_Rogers of @ConGeostrategy discuss strategic stability & maritime security in the Indo-Pacific, moderated by Prof @alessionaval of @KCL_CGS at @KingsCollegeLon

Fascinating discussion this morning exploring resilience in the Indo-Pacific with Prof @lgflake of @PerthUSAsia, Sir Simon Gass of @KCL_CGS, and @MalikAshok of @TheAsiaGroup, moderated by @StarychSam of @ConGeostrategy.

We are delighted to be partnering with @AusHouseLondon, @HCI_London and @KingsCollegeLon for the inaugural Indo-Pacific Conference 🇦🇺🇮🇳🇬🇧

The day began with welcomimg remarks from @AusHCUK, @VDoraiswami and Jenny Bates @FCDOGovUK


Indo-Pacific Conference 2023: Deepening Cooperation for a More Secure, Resilient & Properous Indo-Pacific was inaugurated today by @AusHCUK HE Stephen Smith, HC @VDoraiswami & Ms. Jenny Bates, DG @FCDOGovUK. Great to partner with @AusHouseLondon,@KingsCollegeLon,@ConGeostrategy

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