The Council on Geostrategy is dedicated to making the United Kingdom, as well as other free and open nations, more united, stronger and greener – for a more secure and prosperous future.

We generate research and host events on geopolitics and geostrategy in the twenty-first century.

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The Council on Geostrategy is frequently cited in the press and our researchers and associate fellows are often carried in media outlets and other think tanks.

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24 August 2021 | Briefings

Briefing 06: The withdrawal from Afghanistan

John Dobson explains why the United Kingdom should increase defence spending in the aftermath of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan
23 July 2021 | Briefings

Briefing 05: Boycotting the Winter Olympics 2022

John Dobson explains why the United Kingdom should boycott the Chinese-hosted Winter Olympics in 2022
2 July 2021 | Briefings

Briefing 04: The British Council’s financial difficulties

John Dobson analyses what the British Council’s financial difficulties mean for the United Kingdom’s global posture


The Council on Geostrategy is a non-profit organisation. We accept general and project-based funding from institutions, companies and individuals who share our mission and accept our intellectual independence.


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