The Council on Geostrategy is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in London. We are not affiliated with any government, political party, or institution. 

We pursue our mission through a dynamic programme of research, publications, media commentary and events while marketing their conclusions to our principal audience: parliamentarians in Westminster; officials in Whitehall; foreign diplomats and policymakers; and businesses, the press, experts, and the general public – both nationally and internationally.

We welcome donations from those who share our vision and mission.

Institutions, companies and individuals can support our work by making a donation online or by joining one of our Giving Circles.

Giving Circles

We invite committed individuals to join our Giving Circles Network to have a broader impact on the championing of a robust, realistic and responsible geostrategic policy in the twenty-first century.

Members of our Giving Circles enjoy a carefully-curated relationship with the Council on Geostrategy and our research programmes, strategic initiatives and events. Individuals can choose either of our Giving Circles:

Visionary Circle

Members of our Visionary Circle share a passion for international policy and strategy and enjoy a close connection with the Council on Geostrategy’s research programmes and strategic initiatives. They generously provide significant project-based or unrestricted funds to support our work.

Leaders’ Circle

Members of our Leader’s Circle share a keen interest in international policy and strategy and closely engage with the Council on Geostrategy’s work. They provide generous unrestricted support to our organisation and its activities.