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Short Reads

7 October 2021 | Short Reads

What Britain’s Defence Space Strategy needs

Richard Payne looks forward towards the upcoming Defence Space Strategy and assesses what is needed to protect Britain in space
22 September 2021 | Short Reads

Britain: Towards Net Zero

Jack Richardson looks at the requirements for Britain to make a successful transition towards Net Zero carbon emissions


7 April 2021 | Interviews

Interview with the Georgian Ambassador

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė interviews Sophie Katsarava MBE, the Georgian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Long Reads

13 October 2021 | Long Reads

Taiwan’s strategic significance to Britain

Matthew Henderson explains why the ongoing tensions surrounding Taiwan matters to Britain amidst its Indo-Pacific strategic tilt
5 October 2021 | Long Reads

The next German government’s foreign policy

Paul Lever examines the potential foreign policy agenda of the next German government and explains the difficulties the coalition will face.
23 September 2021 | Long Reads

After the election: Canada turns inward

Dr Alexander Lanoszka assesses the recent Canadian elections and what Trudeau's narrow victory means for Canada's foreign policy
20 September 2021 | Long Reads

AUKUS: The realisation of ‘Global Maritime Britain’

Dr Basil Germond assesses the implications of the AUKUS deal between the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia


27 September 2021

E16: Interview with Australian Deputy High Commissioner

In episode 16, Viktorija discusses the recent AUKUS security pact, the Five Eyes intelligence arrangement and more with Deputy High Commissioner Julie Heckscher.
6 September 2021

E15: ZAPAD 21 with Dr Alexander Lanoszka

In episode 15, Viktorija discusses the ZAPAD-21 military exercises between Russia and Belarus with Dr Alexander Lanoszka

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