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Long Reads

29 November 2023 | Long Reads
Joshua Huminski investigates the beneficial nature of preparing now for a potential return of Donald Trump, whether he wins or not
21 November 2023 | Long Reads
Dr Alexander Lanoszka argues certain countries should be taking action now to mitigate against Trump’s return, particularly in Ukraine
20 November 2023 | Long Reads
Rowan Callick investigates the evolving nature of China’s relationship with Australia and the remaining challenges
16 November 2023 | Long Reads
Julien Lalanne de Saint-Quentin investigates the different approaches France and Britain have to the maritime space
7 November 2023 | Long Reads
Emma Salisbury investigates the issues facing global shipbuilding and where British strategy may provide a way forward
26 October 2023 | Long Reads
Dr Mann Virdee provides an overview of the risks posed by artificial intelligence in the national security domain

Short Reads

15 November 2023 | Short Reads
Dr Carl Hunter OBE investigates the role of the maritime domain and those acting within it in ensuring British prosperity
3 October 2023 | Short Reads
Dr Mann Virdee analyses the complications and opportunities of using artificial intelligence in international development
26 September 2023 | Short Reads
Nick Sundin investigates the growing challenge to British support for the self-determination of Falkland Islanders posed by China

The Big Ask

24 November 2023 | Big Asks

The UK’s International Development White Paper: Fit for today?

The Council on Geostrategy asks seven experts if the latest International Development White Paper is fit for today
17 November 2023 | Big Asks

What should be on the new foreign secretary’s agenda?

The Council on Geostrategy asks nine experts what should be on the agenda of David Cameron, the new foreign secretary
10 November 2023 | Big Asks

How secure is Xi Jinping’s rule?

The Council on Geostrategy asks ten experts how secure Xi Jinping’s rule is ten years after the Third Plenum of 2013

Special Series: Underwater Warfare

In the first part of a special series, Prof. Alessio Patalano investigates the importance of subsea infrastructure to British security.

In the second part of a special series, Emma Salisbury assesses the challenge posed by the Chinese navy’s submarine force.

In the third part of a special series, Dr John Hemmings analyses America’s 2022 National Security Strategy and US foreign policy.

Prof. Mark Galeotti investigates the undersea capabilities of Russia, arguing they will become more important as its land power shrinks.

Tom Sharpe OBE assesses the purpose, strength, and distinguishing features of the Royal Navy’s undersea capabilities.

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