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Short Reads

11 May 2022 | Short Reads

Russia’s separatist ‘empire’: long term challenges

Emil Avdaliani assesses the challenges for Russia in continuing to support pro-Russian separatist conflicts and territories on its near borders
21 April 2022 | Short Reads

Australian election: defence and foreign policy

Patrick Triglavcanin explores potential defence and foreign policy implications of the upcoming Australian election
12 April 2022 | Short Reads

The case for the Energy Security Strategy

Jack Richardson examines the Government's energy security strategy and argues that it continues to transition Britain towards clean energy

Long Reads

12 May 2022 | Long Reads

‘Global Britain’ extends to Northern Europe

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers assess the implications of Finland and Sweden signing mutual defence agreements with Britain
5 May 2022 | Long Reads

Chinese university students in Britain: challenges and opportunities

Patrick Triglavcanin investigates the implications of increasingly high numbers of international Chinese students in Britain
4 May 2022 | Long Reads

Georgia and the Black Sea factor: from words to deeds

Victor Kipiani investigates how the security of Georgia and other Black Sea states can be assured in the face of Russian aggression
27 April 2022 | Long Reads

Caspian Sea states’ balancing act and the Ukrainian war

Denis Cenusa explores the different approaches of the Caspian Sea states to the war in Ukraine and some its implications for the region
26 April 2022 | Long Reads

Post-Johnson visit: a new path for UK-India ties?

Dr Jagannath Panda discusses the implications of Boris Johnson's recent visit to India for UK-India relations and the future of the partnership
22 April 2022 | Long Reads

Germany’s geostrategic myopia

Prof. Richard Whitman assesses Germany's lack of leadership and strategic foresight in its response to Russia's war on Ukraine

Geostrategy360° Podcasts

11 May 2022

E39: A British perspective on Georgia with Jonathan Djanogly MP

In Episode 39, Viktorija speaks to Jonathan Djanogly MP about Georgia, his recent visit, and how the country views Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
6 May 2022

E38: Deepening the British-Japanese relationship with Dr Shetler-Jones

In Episode 38, Viktorija speaks to Dr Shetler-Jones to discuss UK-Japan relations after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's visit on the 3rd May
27 April 2022

E37: Global Britain and the Royal Navy with Professor Alessio Patalano

In Episode 37, Viktorija speaks to Professor Alessio Patalano about the role of the Royal Navy in the UK's Global Britain ambitions

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