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Short Reads

30 June 2021 | Short Reads

Amazon’s waste scandal: awful, but what next?

William Young asks how the United Kingdom could reform its waste disposal systems after ITV News claimed that Amazon sends unwanted goods to landfill
18 June 2021 | Short Reads

The Biden-Putin Meeting: Now comes the hard part

Dr Alexander Lanoszka argues that despite improving relations, the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin did not lead to any form of breakthrough


7 April 2021 | Interviews

Interview with the Georgian Ambassador

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė interviews Sophie Katsarava MBE, the Georgian Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Long Reads

14 July 2021 | Long Reads

The case for British-Indian naval cooperation

Archishman Goswami explains why enhanced naval cooperation between India and the United Kingdom will improve the security in the Indian Ocean region
8 July 2021 | Long Reads

Britain: Eastern Europe’s new guarantor?

Prof. Richard Whitman and James Rogers argue that the United Kingdom is increasingly important to Eastern Europe in the twenty-first century
7 July 2021 | Long Reads

Defending against discursive statecraft depends on trust

Dr Mark Galeotti argues that successful discursive statecraft and narrative projection depend on trust
23 June 2021 | Long Reads

British counterterrorism: Combatting Daesh

Archishman Goswami argues that British counterterrorism operations will need to change to adapt to Daesh’s tactics


22 July 2021

E12: The Black Sea with Mark Galeotti and James Rogers

In episode 12, Viktorija discusses Russia in the Black Sea region with Associate Fellow Dr Mark Galeotti and Director of Research James Rogers
8 July 2021

E11: Britain’s Maritime Power with Prof. Andrew Lambert

In episode 11, Viktorija speaks to Laughton Professor of Naval History at Kings College London, Andrew Lambert

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