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Short Reads

5 November 2021 | Short Reads

Why Japan’s defence budget pledge is good for Britain

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones highlights the implications of Japan’s pledge to double defence spending for security in the Indo-Pacific
18 October 2021 | Short Reads

No place for fossil fuel subsidies

Jack Richardson looks at how phasing out fossil fuel subsidies could help Britain lead in the green energy revolution
7 October 2021 | Short Reads

What Britain’s Defence Space Strategy needs

Richard Payne looks forward towards the upcoming Defence Space Strategy and assesses what is needed to protect Britain in space

Long Reads

30 November 2021 | Long Reads

The threat of space debris

Richard Payne examines the threat of space debris to orbital activities in the light of the recent Russian anti-satellite missile test
18 November 2021 | Long Reads

Outcomes of the Biden-Xi virtual summit

Charles Parton analyses the discussion points and outcomes of the virtual summit between President Biden and General Secretary Xi
15 November 2021 | Long Reads

It’s time for a new British vision for Europe

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė and James Rogers argue that Britain needs a new vision to uphold the defence of Europe in a more competitive age
8 November 2021 | Long Reads

Climate change: Russia’s evolving stance

Dr Mark Galeotti explores the changing approach of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to climate and environmental policy


3 December 2021

E21: The Black Sea region: Beyond NATO

In Episode 21, Viktorija speaks with two of the authors of our most recent Policy Paper, Dr. Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers
29 November 2021

E20: Critical Minerals with Alex Stafford and Will Young

In Episode 20, Viktorija talks with Alexander Stafford MP and William Young about Britain's upcoming critical minerals strategy

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