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Long Reads

13 May 2024 | Long Reads
David Batashvili argues that the Russian threat to the Euro-Atlantic extends well beyond Ukraine
8 May 2024 | Long Reads
Paul Mason investigates what Britain can learn today from its defence policy and spending in the 1930s
8 May 2024 | Long Reads
Duncan Bartlett investigates the push and pull factors behind Japan’s potential AUKUS membership
25 April 2024 | Long Reads
Trevelyan Wing explores the energy security landscape of the Baltic region, and the developments ensuring its future stability
23 April 2024 | Long Reads
Elizabeth Lindley investigates the Chinese counterfeit stamp scandal in the UK and its wider ramifications
22 April 2024 | Long Reads
Hugo Blewett-Mundy argues that the new geopolitical landscape leaves the door open for France to help forge a more powerful EU in the world

Short Reads

9 May 2024 | Short Reads
Jennifer Parker investigates what critical access to Australia grants the UK and US through AUKUS
8 May 2024 | Short Reads
Charles Parton reflects on Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe and what it says about the direction of Europe-China relations going forward
30 April 2024 | Short Reads
Dr Alexander Lanoszka argues that NATO should embrace its Eastern flank in selecting its next Secretary-General

The Big Ask

17 May 2024 | Big Asks

How should the Royal Navy look and operate in the 2040s?

The Council on Geostrategy asks 11 experts how the Royal Navy should look and operate in the 2040s
3 May 2024 | Big Asks

How can British education be made more resilient to foreign interference?

The Council on Geostrategy asks eight experts how British education can be made more resilient to foreign interference
28 March 2024 | Big Asks

How could the UK augment its nuclear forces?

The Council on Geostrategy asks 11 experts how the UK could augment its nuclear forces

Special Series: Underwater Warfare

In the first part of a special series, Prof. Alessio Patalano investigates the importance of subsea infrastructure to British security.

In the second part of a special series, Emma Salisbury assesses the challenge posed by the Chinese navy’s submarine force.

In the third part of a special series, Dr John Hemmings analyses America’s 2022 National Security Strategy and US foreign policy.

Prof. Mark Galeotti investigates the undersea capabilities of Russia, arguing they will become more important as its land power shrinks.

Tom Sharpe OBE assesses the purpose, strength, and distinguishing features of the Royal Navy’s undersea capabilities.

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