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Short Reads

British prosperity: The importance of the sea

Dr Carl Hunter OBE investigates the role of the maritime domain and those acting within it in ensuring British prosperity

AI and international development: Explainability is key

Dr Mann Virdee analyses the complications and opportunities of using artificial intelligence in international development

The challenge of China’s Falklands rhetoric

Nick Sundin investigates the growing challenge to British support for the self-determination of Falkland Islanders posed by China

Britain continues to prioritise the Indo-Pacific

Gray Sergeant analyses the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee report on Britain’s Indo-Pacific engagement

Australia stands with Ukraine, as must we all

The Hon. Stephen Smith investigates Australia’s support for Ukraine and the merging of Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific security concerns

Net Zero debate is healthy, but only if held in good faith

Jack Richardson analyses the United Kingdom’s Net Zero debate and reveals the limitations both sides suffer from

Why Britain should join Exercise Malabar

Robert Clark argues that as Britain further commits to the Indo-Pacific, the Royal Navy should join Exercise Malabar

A competitive Britain needs more HS2, not less

Ben Brittain explores the UK’s lagging credentials in high-speed rail construction and how it may affect its international competitiveness

It is not too early to plan Ukraine’s reconstruction

Jason Beck details why it is important to start planning for Ukraine’s reconstruction now and how NATO membership will help facilitate it

Climate change: A better British offer to the developing world

Jack Richardson argues that climate change should be central to Britain’s engagement with less developed countries