Short Reads

11 May 2022

Russia’s separatist ‘empire’: long term challenges

Emil Avdaliani assesses the challenges for Russia in continuing to support pro-Russian separatist conflicts and territories on its near borders
6 May 2022

Australian election: defence and foreign policy

Patrick Triglavcanin explores potential defence and foreign policy implications of the upcoming Australian election
12 April 2022

The case for the Energy Security Strategy

Jack Richardson examines the Government's energy security strategy and argues that it continues to transition Britain towards clean energy
28 March 2022

Watching a war in real time

Richard Payne examines how the war in Ukraine is revealing the potential of social media and commercial satellite imagery to impact war-fighting strategy
6 April 2022

Empowering the ‘tilt’: The impact of free trade agreements

Patrick Triglavcanin looks at how the United Kingdom-New Zealand free trade agreement will empower the British Indo-Pacific ‘tilt’
6 April 2022

Australia ups Antarctic commitment

Patrick Triglavcanin looks at Australia's commitment to spend nearly $1 billion on its Antarctic programme as China expands its activities on the continent
10 February 2022

How should ‘Global Britain’ respond to Russian aggression?

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that ‘Global Britain’ needs a proactive posture to curtail Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine
4 February 2022

Lessons for today’s natural gas crisis from the 1970s oil crises

William Young explores the gas crisis gripping the world and asks if there are lessons to be learnt from the 1970s
6 April 2022

A new European triumvirate: Plurilateralism in action

James Rogers explores the geopolitical implications of a new ‘trilateral’ agreement between the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Poland
5 January 2022

Little England or Global Britain? The declinist state of mind

James Thorp discusses the narratives of declinism and how the idea of ‘Global Britain’ can help combat them