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China Observatory

Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe

Charles Parton reflects on Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe and what it says about the direction of Europe-China relations going forward

Chinese counterfeit stamps: Economic warfare against the UK?

Elizabeth Lindley investigates the Chinese counterfeit stamp scandal in the UK and its wider ramifications

China’s grey zone maritime operations near Taiwan intensify

Zack Liao investigates recent Chinese pressure in the maritime spaces around Taiwan and the intentions behind them

Where next for South China Sea stabilisation?

The Council on Geostrategy asks nine experts about future prospects of stabilisation in the South China Sea

DPP victory: A rejection of China’s threats and intimidations 

Gerrit van der Wees investigates the implications of a DPP victory in Taiwan for Taiwan, Britain, and Taiwan’s other key partners

Oceans under pressure: China’s challenge to the maritime order

Peter Dutton analyses the key tenants of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and how China undermines them

The challenges keep coming despite Australia-China détente

Rowan Callick investigates the evolving nature of China’s relationship with Australia and the remaining challenges

How secure is Xi Jinping’s rule?

The Council on Geostrategy asks ten experts how secure Xi Jinping’s rule is ten years after the Third Plenum of 2013

The challenge of China’s Falklands rhetoric

Nick Sundin investigates the growing challenge to British support for the self-determination of Falkland Islanders posed by China

Can China’s climate policy be influenced?

The Council on Geostrategy asks seven strategic experts whether China’s climate policy can be influenced