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Long Reads

Cyber maritime: A priority for Britain

Basil Germond, Joe Burton, Daniel Prince and Simona R. Soare investigate the importance of the cyber domain to Britain’s naval power

China’s grey zone maritime operations near Taiwan intensify

Zack Liao investigates recent Chinese pressure in the maritime spaces around Taiwan and the intentions behind them

Putin’s global operations continue despite Ukrainian snare

David Batashvili analyses Russia’s continued global activities despite being entangled in Ukraine

How the Gripen will complement the F-16 in the skies over Ukraine

Thomas Atmaciyan analyses the capabilities that the JAS-39 Gripen, in tandem with the F-16, would grant Ukraine in its fight against Russia

Suppressing the Houthis: The potential for British carrier strike

Benedict Baxendale-Smith investigates the prospect of deploying a British aircraft carrier to the Red Sea

The CPTPP: Britain’s geopolitical strategy and beyond

Dr Minako Morita-Jaeger analyses some of the key geostrategic considerations for Britain as it becomes a full member of the CPTPP

From the Atlantic to the Pacific: Japan and integrated deterrence

Rena Sasaki investigates Japan’s policy for supporting Ukraine and efforts to bridge the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific

Russian space nukes would be a sword of Damocles over our heads

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS explores the prospect of Russian nuclear weapons in space and the diplomatic and military consequences

In defence of Britain’s carriers

William Freer defends Britain’s aircraft carriers and refutes many of the criticisms levied against them

Can Britain help address the ‘North Korea problem’?

Dr Edward Howell assesses how the United Kingdom can and should respond to an increasingly belligerent North Korea