Long Reads

13 October 2021

Taiwan’s strategic significance to Britain

By Matthew Henderson
7 October 2021

The next German government’s foreign policy

By Paul Lever
23 September 2021

After the election: Canada turns inward

By Alexander Lanoszka
20 September 2021

AUKUS: The realisation of ‘Global Maritime Britain’

By Basil Germond
13 September 2021

The Afghanistan withdrawal: a pivot, not a retreat

By Philip Shetler-Jones
9 September 2021

Zapad 2021: A roar from the East?

By Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė
9 September 2021

The geopolitical consequences of Afghanistan

By James Rogers
9 September 2021

Intelligence sharing to constrain Belarus’ KGB

By Mark Galeotti
9 August 2021

Carrier Strike Group 21 – Shaping the future?

By Chris Parry
15 July 2021

The Euro-Atlantic or the Indo-Pacific: a false choice

By Philip Shetler-Jones