The weaponisation of everything

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16 February 2022 at 14:00 18:00 GMT

Join Prof. Mark Galeotti, Elisabeth Braw, and Stewart McDonald MP as they discuss the new way of war in the light of Mark’s latest book.

About this event

The face of war is changing, there is no longer a clearly defined distinction between active combat zones and the home front. New Technology has brought new ways of attacking opponents and increased the cost of kinetic war rendering any all out war ruinous to the any nations engaging in it. This has encouraged nations seeking to disrupt the free and open international order to use alternative means of combat and competition.

Hybrid War, Grey Zone Warfare, Unrestricted War: today, traditional conflict—fought with guns, bombs, and drones—has become too expensive to wage, too unpopular at home, and too difficult to manage. In an age when America threatens Europe with sanctions, and when China spends billions buying influence abroad, the world is heading for a new era of permanent low-level conflict, often unnoticed, undeclared, and unending.

The Council on Geostrategy is delighted to invite you to a timely discussion with:


Elizabeth Braw

  • Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

Prof. Mark Galeotti

  • Author of The Weaponisation of everything

Stewart McDonald MP

  • SNP Defence Spokesperson, House of Commons


Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė

  • Co-founder and Director of Strategy, Council on Geostrategy


This event will be hosted online using Zoom.