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Alexander Lanoszka

Dr Alexander Lanoszka is an Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Waterloo. He is also an Ernest Bevin Associate Fellow in Euro-Atlantic Geopolitics at the Council on Geostrategy. His research agenda encompasses international security and alliance politics, with special focus on Central and Northeastern Europe. His most recent research project, published by the NATO Defence College, looked at the enhanced Forward Presence in Poland and the Baltic states. He used to work at City, University of London.

Alexander Lanoszka

British leadership and supporting Ukraine in 2024

Dr Alexander Lanoszka assesses how Britain can best support Ukraine in 2024, and the leadership position it is beginning to occupy

Is enough being done to prepare for Trump’s return?

Dr Alexander Lanoszka argues certain countries should be taking action now to mitigate against Trump’s return, particularly in Ukraine

2023: The year Canada bumbled

Dr Alexander Lanoszka analyses the domestic and international ramifications of Canada’s rocky 2023

What does victory look like for Ukraine?

Dr Alexander Lanoszka analyses how Ukrainian victory can be defined in the country’s fight against Russian aggression

The drivers of Britain’s military assistance to Ukraine

Lt. Col. Jordan Becker and Dr Alexander Lanoszka detail the strategic, economic and risk factors driving the UK’s military aid to Ukraine

Deepening British-Ukrainian relations in a more competitive era

Dr Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers and Dr Hanna Shelest examine how the British-Ukrainian relationship can be strengthened

A new energy policy for Europe: The significance of Ukraine

Dr Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers and Patrick Triglavcanin outline Ukraine’s potential in replacing Russia’s fossil fuel exports to the European Union

Alexander Lanoszka on Finland and Sweden joining NATO

Our Associate Fellow Alexander Lanoszka speaks to Phil Williams about Finland and Sweden joining NATO, and Russia’s threats in response

‘Global Britain’ extends to Northern Europe

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers assess the implications of Finland and Sweden signing mutual defence agreements with Britain

‘Global Britain’ and the Black Sea region

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers outline British geostrategy in the Black Sea region and construct four scenarios for the future