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Gabriel Elefteriu

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS is Deputy Director at the Council on Geostrategy, where his research focuses on defence and space policy. Previously he was Director of Research and Strategy and member of the Senior Management Team at Policy Exchange, which he first joined in 2014 and where he also founded and directed the first dedicated Space Policy Research Unit in the United Kingdom. Gabriel is also an Associate of King’s College, London, an elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and a founding partner at AstroAnalytica, a space consultancy. He holds a BA in War Studies (first class) and an MA in Intelligence and International Security (Distinction), both from King’s College, London.

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Russian space nukes would be a sword of Damocles over our heads

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS explores the prospect of Russian nuclear weapons in space and the diplomatic and military consequences

The role of space power in geopolitical competition

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS explores the role of space power in geopolitical competition in the 21st century

Why alliances matter

Gabriel Elefteriu explores definitions of alliances and why they matter to the UK, investigating both the costs and benefits

Hypersonic weapon systems: High expectations

Gabriel Elefteriu and William Freer provide an overview of hypersonic weapons and the capabilities certain countries possess currently

What is strategic advantage?

Gabriel Elefteriu, James Rogers and William Freer provide a refined definition of strategic advantage, and how the UK can create it

Europe’s new ‘Moonshot’ space plan: How should Britain respond?

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS breaks down Europe’s ‘Revolution Space’ report, identifying areas for improvement and interest to the UK

Space power and national strategy

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS explains why space is fundamental to British strategic interests in the decades ahead