George Magnus

George Magnus is a Research Associate at the China Centre at the University of Oxford and at SOAS in London. He is also author of ‘Red Flags: Why Xi’s China is in Jeopardy’. He served as the Chief Economist and later Senior Economic Adviser at UBS during a period spanning over 20 years, having previously worked in an economics capacity at SG Warburg, Bank of America, and Lloyds Bank.

George Magnus

China’s National People’s Congress and the economy: Short change

George Magnus investigates the National People’s Congress of 2024 and what it said about the direction of China’s economy

De-dollarisation would upend the global economy

George Magnus argues that the US dollar will remain the world’s dominant currency for the foreseeable future

The Chinese economy after the ‘Two Sessions’

George Magnus investigates what the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Two Sessions’ of 2023 reveal about the direction of the Chinese economy

The CPTPP and Britain’s Pacific Rim engagement

George Magnus examines the CPTPP and the economic and political implications of Britain’s accession to the bloc

The Chinese economy: Troubled times ahead

George Magnus investigates the ailments affecting the Chinese economy and the necessary measures required to solve them

China’s ‘Two Sessions’ paper over cracks in a troubled economy

George Magnus explores the economic and policy backdrop to the ‘Two Sessions’ and how the main economic challenges facing China are being addressed, or not