Dr. John Hemmings

Dr John Hemmings is an Associate Professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies, a regional centre for the United States Department of Defence and Mission Partner to INDOPACOM. He is also a James Cook Associate Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics at the Council on Geostrategy.

7 February 2022

E17: Future of British-Vietnamese relations

In Episode 17, Viktorija discusses why and how Britain should pursue deeper ties with Vietnam with Dr John Hemmings and Dr Bill Hayton
28 October 2021

Enhancing British- Vietnamese relations in a more competitive era

Dr Bill Hayton and Prof. John Hemmings analyse the deepening strategic partnership between the United Kingdom and Vietnam
23 August 2021

China’s interests in Afghanistan

Dr John Hemmings explains why China is putting so much effort into staying on the Taliban's good side and what it wants out of Afghanistan
20 December 2021

Integrated Review: Foreign perspectives

Four foreign experts discuss what the United Kingdom’s Integrated Review means for their respective countries and regions
14 December 2021

China and Russia: closing the maritime system?

Dr John Hemmings explains how China and Russia are trying to close the open maritime system. What could Britain and other democracies do to respond?