Mark Galeotti

Prof. Mark Galeotti is Director of Mayak Intelligence Ltd. He is also an Honorary Professor at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College, London.

Mark Galeotti

Backing Ukraine: A necessity for Britain

We examine the current status of Russia’s war against Ukraine and how the UK can maintain its support for Ukraine with Mark Galeotti and Andy Start

Bear underwater: Russia’s undersea capabilities

Prof. Mark Galeotti investigates the undersea capabilities of Russia, arguing they will become more important as its land power shrinks

Time to focus not just on Putin’s Russia, but what will follow

Prof. Mark Galeotti investigates the next steps for Britain in supporting Ukraine and preparing for a post-Putin Russia

Mark Galeotti explains why Europe is on the verge of war

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There is Western opportunity in Russia’s Kazakhstan adventure

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The Black Sea region: Beyond NATO

Prof. Mark Galeotti, Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers provide a number of proposals to enhance security in the Black Sea region

Climate change: Russia’s evolving stance

Prof. Mark Galeotti explores the changing approach of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to climate and environmental policy

Intelligence sharing to constrain Belarus’ KGB

Prof. Mark Galeotti discusses the advantages of sharing intelligence and experience with Eastern European nations

Defending against discursive statecraft depends on trust

Prof. Mark Galeotti argues that successful discursive statecraft and narrative projection depend on trust

HMS Defender in the Black Sea: What to expect

Prof. Mark Galeotti looks at the way Russia will likely frame HMS Defender’s upcoming visit to the Black Sea