Matthew Henderson

Matthew Henderson is a James Cook Associate Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics at the Council on Geostrategy. He studied China at the universities of Cambridge, Peking and Oxford, before serving as a diplomat with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for nearly 30 years, much of this time focusing on China and East Asia in close co-operation with the Five Eyes and other aligned partners. Since leaving the FCO he has worked for a security consultancy and a think-tank, and as an independent consultant.

16 May 2022

Matthew Henderson on China’s battle with Covid-19

Our Associate Fellow speaks to Mark Steyn of GB News about China’s battle with Covid-19 and its zero-Covid policy
11 March 2022

E23: Beijing Olympic boycott with Matthew Henderson

In Episode 23, Viktorija speaks with Matthew Henderson about the Beijing Winter Olympics and why some countries are boycotting them
3 November 2021

Is the Chinese Communist Party’s green agenda real?

Matthew Henderson delves into the realities of the Chinese Communist Party's green agenda and assesses their record on climate policy
13 October 2021

Taiwan’s strategic significance to Britain

Matthew Henderson explains why the ongoing tensions surrounding Taiwan matters to Britain amidst its Indo-Pacific strategic tilt
20 December 2021

The genocide in Xinjiang cannot be overlooked

Matthew Henderson explains why the genocide committed by the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang cannot be overlooked
11 March 2022

How the Chinese Communist Party ‘positions’ the United Kingdom

Matthew Henderson outlines how the Chinese Communist Party ‘positions’ the United Kingdom as an international actor