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Patrick Triglavcanin

Patrick Triglavcanin is a Senior Research Assistant and Deputy Editor of Britain’s World at the Council on Geostrategy. He holds a BA in Sociolegal Studies from the University of Western Australia and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations and National Security (first class) from Curtin University.

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Labor win the Australian election

Patrick Triglavcanin outlines how the new Labor government in Australia is likely to manage the country’s foreign policy direction

Chinese university students in Britain: challenges and opportunities

Patrick Triglavcanin investigates the implications of increasingly high numbers of international Chinese students in Britain

Australian election: Defence and foreign policy

Patrick Triglavcanin explores potential defence and foreign policy implications of the upcoming Australian election

Maximising British engagement with Southeast Asia

Julian Neuweiler and Patrick Triglavcanin detail areas of domestic concern for Southeast Asia and how Britain can engage the region with these in mind

Empowering the ‘tilt’: The impact of free trade agreements

Patrick Triglavcanin looks at how the United Kingdom-New Zealand free trade agreement will empower the British Indo-Pacific ‘tilt’

Australia ups Antarctic commitment

Patrick Triglavcanin looks at Australia's commitment to spend nearly $1 billion on its Antarctic programme as China expands its activities on the continent