Gray Sergeant joins the Council on Geostrategy as a Research Fellow

The Council on Geostrategy is delighted to announce that Gray Sergeant will be joining us as a Research Fellow (Indo-Pacific Geopolitics)!

Gray Sergeant is a Research Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics at the Council on Geostrategy. He is also a PhD candidate in the Department of International History at the London School of Economics (LSE). His academic work focuses on British-American diplomatic relations towards the People’s Republic of China during the early Cold War. He previously studied International Relations and History at the LSE before completing a Masters in Chinese Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He has spent time in Taiwan, first as a Mandarin language student at National Taiwan University and then as a Human Rights and Democracy Fellow at the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. He co-founded, and is currently chair of, Hong Kong Watch.

Main areas of expertise: Britain’s Indo-Pacific ‘tilt’ and China policy, Taiwan and cross-strait relations

Read Gray’s latest article for Britain’s World, ‘Britain continues to prioritise the Indo-Pacific’.