The Council on Geostrategy launches the China Observatory

On Wednesday 12th June the Council on Geostrategy was delighted to announce the launch of its new research project, the China Observatory, with support from leading China experts and legislators, including Alicia Kearns, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee (2022-2024).

This new non-partisan initiative seeking to monitor the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) activities and guide HM Government in the formulation of a coherent ‘China policy’. The Observatory will watch, monitor and evaluate the CCP’s evolution, behaviour and actions, through research-led, analysis from a British vantage point.

I strongly welcome the Council on Geostrategy launching a new China Observatory, adding a new trusted and expert voice to the UK’s discussion on, and understanding of, China and the CCP. Whilst the Council on Geostrategy has already contributed valuable, detailed analysis on China in its research and publications, the new Observatory will build on this, offering an important counterpoint within the analytical community.

I am looking forward to working closely with the Observatory in my role as its Chair as it helps inform and shape China policy in the UK.

Alicia Kearns, Chair of the Advisory Board, China Observatory

The Council on Geostrategy’s China Observatory will be a potent source for British legislators and officials, shining a light on the CCP and its manoeuvres, particularly when it attempts to obstruct or realign British and global interests to serve its ambitions. Led by an Advisory Council made up of Alicia Kearns, former diplomat Charles Parton OBE, and prominent China experts Isabel Hilton OBE and George Magnus, the Observatory seeks to provide a platform for understanding what the rise of the PRC means for the UK in the 21st century. 

Many of Britain’s vulnerabilities to the PRC’s interference have been self-imposed, as HM Government has belly-flopped into the pitfalls of short-termism and economic expediency…The PRC’s widespread infiltration into the British economy, media, industry and academia has been facilitated by complacency, the prioritisation of economic interests, and a fundamental naivete about the CCP’s strategic intentions.

The China Observatory seeks to guide HM Government in the formulation of a coherent ‘China policy’ which recognises the need for clear thinking, shrewd pragmatism, and an intelligent sense of direction rooted in consistent ethical principles.

Elizabeth Lindley, Policy Fellow, China Observatory