Richard Payne

Richard Payne is Communications Coordinator and Assistant Editor of Britain’s World at the Council on Geostrategy. He holds a BA in International Relations and Political Science and a MSc in Global Cooperation and Security, both from the University of Birmingham.

28 March 2022

Watching a war in real time

Richard Payne examines how the war in Ukraine is revealing the potential of social media and commercial satellite imagery to impact war-fighting strategy
30 November 2021

The threat of space debris

Richard Payne examines the threat of space debris to orbital activities in the light of the recent Russian anti-satellite missile test
22 November 2021

What Britain’s Defence Space Strategy needs

Richard Payne looks forward towards the upcoming Defence Space Strategy and assesses what is needed to protect Britain in space
22 November 2021

Why space matters to the United Kingdom

Richard Payne examines the reasons behind the United Kingdom's recent focus on the commercial space sector and space defence