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Alessio Patalano

Professor Alessio Patalano is our Hebert Richmond Associate Fellow in Maritime Strategy. He is also Professor of War and Strategy in East Asia in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.At War Studies he is part of the Centre for Grand Strategy where he leads the King’s Japan Programme. Originally a military historian of Japan, Prof Patalano specialises on maritime strategy and security, with a specific focus on maritime and territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas and Britain’s strategy towards the Indo-Pacific.

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Naval innovation in a maritime century

Prof. Alessio Patalano and Emma Salisbury underscore the importance of innovation in providing the UK with a strategic edge in the maritime domain

Unseen but vital: Britain and undersea security

In the first part of a special series on underwater warfare, Prof. Alessio Patalano investigates the importance of subsea infrastructure to British security

Preparing Britain for rising tensions across the Taiwan Strait

Professor Alessio Patalano examines how Britain should strengthen its ability to respond to a future crisis in the Taiwan Strait

Taiwan Strait: A key geostrategic consideration for Britain

Professor Alessio Patalano provides an overview of why tensions across the Taiwan Strait will be of importance to the next prime minister