Charles Parton

Charles Parton OBE is a James Cook Associate Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics at the Council on Geostrategy. He spent 22 years of his 37-year diplomatic career in the British Diplomatic Service working in or on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Charlie Parton

Plateau China: Reform in the ten years after the Third Plenum of 2013

Charles Parton analyses what to expect at the Third Plenum of 2023, and where China stands ten years after the Third Plenum of 2013

Charles Parton examines China’s role in Russia’s war against Ukraine

Our Associate Fellow is interviewed on Frontline by Times Radio to discuss China’s role in Russia’s war against Ukraine

The ISC report on China: Progress, yet consolidation needed

Charles Parton argues that the ISC report on China shows Britain’s progress in recognising the China challenge, but that more is to be done

Negotiating with Chinese – some practical considerations

Charles Parton OBE gives advice for undertaking negotiations with representatives of the Chinese Communist Party

The panda in the room – the UK’s China strategy

Charles Parton investigates the UK’s continued lack of a strategy for China in light of recent British speeches and developments

Dealing with the threat of Chinese cellular (IoT) modules

Charles Parton outlines the threat presented by Chinese cellular modules and how governments can and should deal with this issue

After the ‘Two Sessions’: China in 2023 and beyond

Charles Parton OBE explains the implications of the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Two Sessions’ for Chinese economic and foreign relations

The ‘10 Be Clears’: Clarifying relations with China

Charles Parton OBE lays out ten suggestions for dealing with the threat posed by China under the CCP in a mini-strategy

Is China a threat?

Charles Parton OBE explores the nature of the threat posed by the CCP and strategies it uses for building the capability to carry out its aims

The 20th Party Congress: What it means for the CCP and the world

Charles Parton OBE assesses the 20th Party Congress and explains what it means for the Chinese Communist Party and the wider world.