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Jack Richardson

Jack Richardson is James Blyth Associate Fellow at the Council on Geostrategy. He is also Head of Energy and Climate at Onward, leading the Getting to Zero research programme.

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Net Zero debate is healthy, but only if held in good faith

Jack Richardson analyses the United Kingdom’s Net Zero debate and reveals the limitations both sides suffer from

Britain should build new routes for climate diplomacy

Jack Richardson argues that Britain should branch out from the UNFCCC and provide new avenues for progress on climate change

Climate change: A better British offer to the developing world

Jack Richardson argues that climate change should be central to Britain’s engagement with less developed countries

Britain’s move to become a northern European energy hub

Jack Richardson argues that the United Kingdom should expand its capacity to act as a transit country for northern European gas supplies

Britain’s clean energy transition: Heat

Jack Richardson investigates the slow transition to cleaner heat in the UK and how this process can be accelerated

Britain’s clean energy transition: Clean technology investment

Jack Richardson argues that Britain needs to adjust its fiscal policy to allow its renewable energy sector to flourish

The climate and migration: Implications for Britain

Jack Richardson and William Young explain how Britain can enhance its approach to both ‘climate-induced’ and ‘climate-provoked’ migration

Britain’s clean energy transition: Looking ahead to 2023

Jack Richardson details the positive evolution of Britain’s energy policy in recent months and what should be prioritised in 2023

Energy and the climate: What next for Liz Truss?

Jack Richardson explores how Britain can strive for Net Zero and tackle climate change through a domestic and strategic lens

Climate change and the UK’s energy supply and consumption

Jack Richardson investigates the main issues facing the next prime minister related to energy supply and the environment