Jack Richardson

Jack Richardson is James Blyth Early Career Associate Fellow at the Council on Geostrategy. He is also Climate Programmes Manager at the Conservative Environment Network.

21 June 2022

Sitrep on British energy policy

Jack Richardson assesses British energy policy in light of war and a cost of living crisis, arguing that insulation needs to be a priority
6 June 2022

China’s carbon-intensive rise: Addressing the tensions

William Young and Jack Richardson explain how the United Kingdom’s environmental policy towards the People’s Republic of China is becoming outmoded
12 April 2022

The case for the Energy Security Strategy

Jack Richardson examines the Government's energy security strategy and argues that it continues to transition Britain towards clean energy
15 March 2022

Net Zero: The geostrategic rationale for ‘Global Britain’

Jack Richardson explains why the United Kingdom’s Net Zero agenda is essential for its geostrategic interests
25 November 2021

Critical minerals: Towards a British strategy

William Young and Jack Richardson explain how the United Kingdom can enhance its resilience in relation to critical minerals – particularly rare earths
3 November 2021

No place for fossil fuel subsidies

Jack Richardson looks at how phasing out fossil fuel subsidies could help Britain lead in the green energy revolution
22 September 2021

Britain: Towards Net Zero

Jack Richardson looks at the requirements for Britain to make a successful transition towards Net Zero carbon emissions