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Paul Lever

Sir Paul Lever was Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Germany (1997-2003) and Chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee (1994-1996). His most recent book is ‘Berlin Rules: Europe and the German Way’ (I.B. Tauris, 2017).

Paul Lever

Germany’s new security policy: A global ‘Zeitenwende’?

Sir Paul Lever analyses Germany’s foreign policy in light of Olaf Scholz’s Foreign Affairs article ‘The Global “Zeitenwende”’

Germany and China: No ‘Zeitenwende’ in sight

Sir Paul Lever assesses Germany’s relationship with China and where there has been continuity despite geopolitical tensions

The end of Germany’s illusions

Sir Paul Lever assesses current and historic German policy toward Russia and what the war against Ukraine has exposed

What drives German policy on Russia?

Sir Paul Lever examines the political and economic forces which drive Germany’s strategic policy towards Russia

The next German government’s foreign policy

Sir Paul Lever examines the potential foreign policy agenda of the next German government and explains the difficulties the coalition will face