Philip Shetler-Jones

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones is a James Cook Associate Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics at the Council on Geostrategy. He works in the field of Europe-Asia security cooperation, with a personal focus on United Kingdom-Japan defence and security relations. After service in the Royal Marines, he worked in Peacekeeping with a number of organisations and for four years led the International Security Programme at the World Economic Forum.

6 May 2022

E38: Deepening the British-Japanese relationship with Dr Shetler-Jones

In Episode 38, Viktorija speaks to Dr Shetler-Jones to discuss UK-Japan relations after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's visit on the 3rd May
13 April 2022

The case for ‘JAUKUS’

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones explores the possibility of Japan joining the AUKUS group and factors that may prevent its membership
8 March 2022

The strange case of America’s Indo-Pacific strategies

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones discusses the new Indo-Pacific Strategy announced by the United States and how it contrasts with US concerns with China
10 February 2022

How should ‘Global Britain’ respond to Russian aggression?

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that ‘Global Britain’ needs a proactive posture to curtail Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine
13 January 2022

Towards deeper British-Japanese intelligence cooperation

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that enhancing intelligence cooperation is an essential next step to deepening British-Japanese defence cooperation
11 November 2021

Why Japan’s defence budget pledge is good for Britain

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones highlights the implications of Japan’s pledge to double defence spending for security in the Indo-Pacific
13 September 2021

The Afghanistan withdrawal: a pivot, not a retreat

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones discusses the withdrawal from Afghanistan and argues that it represents changing priorities rather than defeat
15 July 2021

The Euro-Atlantic or the Indo-Pacific: a false choice

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that British military deployments to the Indo-Pacific region do not come at the expense of its role in the defence of Europe
9 February 2022

How allies ‘position’ the United Kingdom

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones explains how key allies – the United States, Germany and Japan – ‘position’ the United Kingdom as an international actor
16 December 2021

Ten myths about the British ‘tilt’ to the Indo-Pacific

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones debunks ten of the most popular myths circulating about the United Kingdom’s ‘tilt’ to the Indo-Pacific region. What are they?