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Philip Shetler-Jones

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones is Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. He works in the field of Europe-Asia security cooperation, with a personal focus on United Kingdom-Japan defence and security relations. After service in the Royal Marines, he worked in peacekeeping with a number of organisations and was an Associate Fellow at the Council on Geostrategy from 2021 to 2023.

Philip Shetler-Jones

UK defence faces facts, but not everyone will be happy

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses the 2023 Defence Command Paper, arguing that there has been a scale trade-off and domain tilt

Shangri-La: From dialogue to discursive statecraft

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones breaks down the prevailing narratives and counter-narratives at the 2023 Shangri-La Dialogue

The geopolitical implications of a NATO liaison office in Japan

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses the potential formation of a NATO liaison office in Japan and its implications for the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific

The new Defence Command Paper needs a maritime ‘tilt’

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that Britain’s strategic advantage lies in the maritime domain

NATO goes on manoeuvres in the Indo-Pacific

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses the visit of NATO’s Secretary General to South Korea and Japan

Reciprocity redefines the British-Japanese defence relationship

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones investigates the significance of the Reciprocal Access Agreement signed between the United Kingdom and Japan

Dr Shetler-Jones discusses Japan’s defence spending

Our Associate Fellow is interviewed by Channel News Asia (CNA) to discuss Japan’s increased defence spending

Japan’s new security strategy: rising to meet the challenge

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses Japan’s 2022 national security strategy and what it means for its defence and foreign policy

Old allies and new partners

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones investigates the allies and partners of Global Britain in this more competitive era

Japan girds itself for the long game: 2022 defence white paper

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones examines what Japan’s 2022 defence white paper says about its strategic posture for the years ahead