James Rogers and Prof Patalano speak to the Indo-Pacific APPG

Professor Alessio Patalano, Herbert Richmond Associate Fellow in Maritime Strategy, and James Rogers, Co-founder and Director of Research, were invited to the House of Commons on April 19th to speak with MPs at the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Indo-Pacific. They shared their expertise on the region and Britain’s Tilt to the Indo-Pacific.

The purpose of the event was to:

[E]xplore [the] geo-political situation within the Indo-Pacific region covering opportunities & challenges arising from the geopolitical manouvering of the regional and  extra-regional powers. The objective also was to introduce Indo-Pacific as a concept to the UK  parliamentarians and build knowledge and empower MP’s to have relevant conversations and  influence the British government to play a more engaging role in the Indo-Pacific alliance

APPG press release

The event was chaired by the Indo-Pacific APPG chair Bob Blackman MP and attendees included Labour Navendu Mishra MP and Lord Rami Ranger. Several civil society members, representatives from FCDO and university professors were also in attendance.