The connection between geopolitics and geoeconomics

Neil Brown analyses the increasing connectedness between geoeconomics and geopolitics in the current global context

Adapting the British Army for a maritime century

William Freer analyses how the British Army can best prepare itself for the geopolitical context of a maritime century

Australia stands with Ukraine, as must we all

The Hon. Stephen Smith investigates Australia’s support for Ukraine and the merging of Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific security concerns

The Royal Navy’s global reach

A map of the global reach of the Royal Navy that visualises the maritime mobility and versatility of British power

Empowering allies and partners vital to the US in the Indo-Pacific

Joshua Huminski argues that the US needs to go further in empowering its allies and partners to realise its Indo-Pacific goals

A Sinocentric world: The Belt and Road Initiative

A map of the People’s Republic of China’s attempt to centre itself in the global economy through the Belt and Road Initiative

The geopolitical implications of a NATO liaison office in Japan

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses the potential formation of a NATO liaison office in Japan and its implications for the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific

The ‘refresh’ of the Integrated Review

A map of the geography of British power after the ‘refresh’ of the Integrated Review, published by His Majesty’s Government in March 2023

NATO goes on manoeuvres in the Indo-Pacific

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones analyses the visit of NATO’s Secretary General to South Korea and Japan

Reciprocity redefines the British-Japanese defence relationship

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones investigates the significance of the Reciprocal Access Agreement signed between the United Kingdom and Japan