Discursive Statecraft

The challenge of China’s Falklands rhetoric

Nick Sundin investigates the growing challenge to British support for the self-determination of Falkland Islanders posed by China

From Jim O’Neill to Xi Jinping: Whatever happened to BRICS?

Prof. Michael Cox analyses the contesting narratives around the 2023 BRICS summit and lessons that can be drawn from both sides

BRICS: Paper tiger or legitimate challenge?

Jason Beck looks at the challenges presented by BRICS, arguing that although limited, they should not be disregarded

How does BRICS challenge the prevailing international order?

The Council on Geostrategy asks six strategic experts to explain how BRICS challenges the prevailing international order

Shangri-La: From dialogue to discursive statecraft

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones breaks down the prevailing narratives and counter-narratives at the 2023 Shangri-La Dialogue

Discursive statecraft: China’s information operations

Hannah Bailey examines the Chinese Communist Party’s discursive statecraft operations on international social media platforms

Why we are competing in a new cold war

James Rogers argues that the next prime minister needs to prepare to shape an international order defined by cold war

Contending narratives at the IISS Shangri-La dialogue 2022: Beijing’s lost horizon?

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones discusses the Shangri La Dialogue meeting and considers whether Beijing has overplayed its hand in the Indo-Pacific

‘Global Britain’ and the Black Sea region

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers outline British geostrategy in the Black Sea region and construct four scenarios for the future

The Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea

Dr Bill Hayton examines the People’s Republic of China’s potential responses to the presence of the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea