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Joshua Huminski

Joshua Huminski is the director of the Mike Rogers Center for Intelligence & Global Affairs at the Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress. There he co-chairs the Center’s program on strategic competition, with a specific focus on the Euro-Atlantic and Russia. He is a fellow at George Mason University’s National Security Institute.

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America and Europe: The challenges beyond Trump

Joshua Huminski analyses the challenges Europe will face in its dealings with America regardless of if Trump returns to power

How Britain can prepare for a second Trump presidency

Joshua Huminski displays how the United Kingdom can best prepare for the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House

The unintended benefits of preparing for a Trump presidency

Joshua Huminski investigates the beneficial nature of preparing now for a potential return of Donald Trump, whether he wins or not

The 2023 Defence Command Paper: Washington’s view

Joshua Huminski provides analysis of the American view towards the United Kingdom’s 2023 Defence Command Paper

Empowering allies and partners vital to the US in the Indo-Pacific

Joshua Huminski argues that the US needs to go further in empowering its allies and partners to realise its Indo-Pacific goals

The UK-US relationship in 2023

Joshua Huminski examines the importance of the UK-US relationship heading into 2023 and some of the challenges facing it

The midterm elections and American foreign policy

Joshua Huminski investigates what impact America’s 2022 midterm elections may have on the country’s foreign policy

Prime Minister Liz Truss: AUKUS and relations with Washington

Joshua Huminski argues that British-American relations are predominately and importantly defined by shared strategic interests

British-American relations beyond Ukraine

Joshua Huminski explores how the already strong British-American relationship can be deepened further still