Richard Whitman

Prof. Richard Whitman is Professor of Politics and International Relations at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent. He is also a Visiting Fellow at Chatham House and an Academic Fellow at the European Policy Centre.

22 April 2022

Germany’s geostrategic myopia

Prof. Richard Whitman assesses Germany's lack of leadership and strategic foresight in its response to Russia's war on Ukraine
21 February 2022

‘Global Britain’: The European security activist

James Rogers and Professor Richard Whitman explain the growing role 'Global Britain' is playing in European security
13 December 2021

Beijing tests Brussels through Lithuania

Prof. Richard Whitman assesses the European Union’s response to the People’s Republic of China’s attempt to isolate Lithuania over its support for Taiwan
14 November 2021

Britain: Eastern Europe’s new guarantor?

Prof. Richard Whitman and James Rogers argue that the United Kingdom is increasingly important to Eastern Europe in the twenty-first century
17 June 2021

Success guaranteed for the EU-US Summit

Prof. Richard Whitman argues that differing interests will continue to scar relations between the European Union and United States
20 December 2021

United Kingdom: Europe’s ‘diplomatic vanguard’

Prof. Richard Whitman argues that the United Kingdom has assumed the position as Europe’s ‘diplomatic vanguard’