National Power

How can Britain pursue strategic advantage?

The Council on Geostrategy asks six experts how Britain can pursue strategic advantage in the 21st century

Hypersonic weapon systems: High expectations

Gabriel Elefteriu and William Freer provide an overview of hypersonic weapons and the capabilities certain countries possess currently

What is strategic advantage?

Gabriel Elefteriu, James Rogers and William Freer provide a refined definition of strategic advantage, and how the UK can create it

Lessons from Britain’s National Shipbuilding Strategy

Emma Salisbury investigates the issues facing global shipbuilding and where British strategy may provide a way forward

The connection between geopolitics and geoeconomics

Neil Brown analyses the increasing connectedness between geoeconomics and geopolitics in the current global context

How does Britain solve its productivity problem?

The Council on Geostrategy asks five strategic experts how Britain can solve its productivity problem

The future of underwater warfare

Prof. Andrew Lambert investigates the future of underwater warfare and how it has developed historically

The Royal Navy’s undersea capabilities: Deep enough?

Tom Sharpe OBE assesses the purpose, strength, and distinguishing features of the Royal Navy’s undersea capabilities

Why Britain should join Exercise Malabar

Robert Clark argues that as Britain further commits to the Indo-Pacific, the Royal Navy should join Exercise Malabar

A competitive Britain needs more HS2, not less

Ben Brittain explores the UK’s lagging credentials in high-speed rail construction and how it may affect its international competitiveness