Science and Technology

Cyber maritime: A priority for Britain

Basil Germond, Joe Burton, Daniel Prince and Simona R. Soare investigate the importance of the cyber domain to Britain’s naval power

AI power and British strategy

Robert Bassett Cross, Harry Halem and Gabriel Elefteriu present how Britain can best harness the potential of artificial intelligence

Chinese cellular (IoT) modules: Countering the threat

Charles Parton OBE investigates the threat Chinese CIMs pose to the UK as well as other free and open countries

Britain’s future is in technology and innovation

Dr Mann Virdee details Britain’s historical prowess in innovation and technology, and how it can be a future pioneer

Russian space nukes would be a sword of Damocles over our heads

Gabriel Elefteriu FRAeS explores the prospect of Russian nuclear weapons in space and the diplomatic and military consequences

Britain’s steel industry is at a crossroads

Dr Mann Virdee analyses the implications of the closure of the blast furnaces at Britain’s largest steelworks in Port Talbot

The hypersonic threat to the United Kingdom

William Freer analyses the hypersonic capabilities of Russia and China and whether they pose a threat to the United Kingdom

The energy transition is an historic opportunity, not a burden

John Caudwell argues the case for Net Zero, and where the United Kingdom needs to step up

Is Britain losing its scientific edge?

Dr Mann Virdee assesses the state of the science sector in Britain and the best way forward for the 21st century

Hypersonic weapon systems: High expectations

Gabriel Elefteriu and William Freer provide an overview of hypersonic weapons and the capabilities certain countries possess currently