Strategic Advantage

Australia’s Defence Strategic Review: Lessons for Britain

James Rogers draws lessons for the United Kingdom’s ongoing refresh of the Defence Command Paper from Australia’s new Defence Strategic Review

The new Defence Command Paper needs a maritime ‘tilt’

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that Britain’s strategic advantage lies in the maritime domain

Why DSIT’s success is vital for British power

Allan Nixon underlines the importance of emerging technologies for the future of Britain’s economy, society and military

Extending the Integrated Review: Renewing the national powerbase

James Rogers argues that the next Integrated Review process should be extended to cover the development of the national powerbase

Why we are competing in a new cold war

James Rogers argues that the next prime minister needs to prepare to shape an international order defined by cold war

The geopolitics of AUKUS

A map of AUKUS, showing how the unique security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States encircles Eurasia

A ‘Crowe Memorandum’ for the twenty-first century

In 1907, Sir Eyre Crowe drafted a Memorandum for the Foreign Secretary to urge a more robust British approach with revisionists. Is such an approach needed today? And what should it be based on?