Benjamin Tallis

Dr Benjamin Tallis is a Practice Fellow at the Hertie School’s Centre for International Security in Berlin, Germany. He focuses on the international politics of European (in)security, particularly concerning borders, migration, the European Union’s foreign, security and neighbourhood policies and their relations to global order.

22 March 2022

Drop the excuses and embrace Ukraine

Dr Benjamin Tallis argues that Ukraine’s formal application to become a member of the European Union should be supported by the bloc and the United Kingdom
10 March 2022

The return of Central Europe?

Dr Benjamin Tallis explores the resurging influence of Central European states as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
7 March 2022

Bolstering NATO through British-German cooperation

James Rogers and Dr. Benjamin Tallis discuss Germany's renewed commitment to NATO and how closer British-German cooperation could bolster the alliance
2 March 2022

Britain and Germany should ‘Dare More’ cooperation

Dr. Benjamin Tallis explores the opportunities for British and German cooperation in foreign policy in light of the new German government.