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Bill Hayton

Dr Bill Hayton is the author of ‘Vietnam: Rising Dragon’ (2021), ‘The Invention of China’ (2020) and ‘The South China Sea: The struggle for power in Asia’ (2014). He is an Associate Fellow with the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House. He worked for BBC News for 22 years, including periods as a reporter in Vietnam and a media advisor in Myanmar.

Bill Hayton

Philippines under the new Marcos

Dr Bill Hayton investigates what the Philippines’ new president and foreign policy tone means for geopolitical competition in Southeast Asia

Enhancing British- Vietnamese relations in a more competitive era

Dr Bill Hayton and Prof. John Hemmings analyse the deepening strategic partnership between the United Kingdom and Vietnam

The Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea

Dr Bill Hayton examines the People’s Republic of China’s potential responses to the presence of the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea