Emma Salisbury

Dr Emma Salisbury is Robert Whitehead Associate Fellow in Military Innovation at the Council on Geostrategy. She holds a PhD from Birkbeck College, University of London, and is a senior staffer to a Member of Parliament, as well as an Assistant Editor at War on the Rocks.

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China’s PLAN: Maritime dominion beyond the South China Sea

Emma Salisbury investigates the PRC’s naval build up and modernisation and its implications for the geopolitics of the South China Sea

A more lethal Royal Navy: Sharpening Britain’s naval power

William Freer and Emma Salisbury investigate how Britain can sharpen its naval power for increased geopolitical competition

Sunak vs. Starmer: The battle of the defence budget

Dr Emma Salisbury analyses the recent defence spending commitments made by the Conservative party in the UK

British foreign and defence policy in an election year

Dr Emma Salisbury analyses how British foreign and defence policy may change in 2024, and how this change differs from other election years

Lessons from Britain’s National Shipbuilding Strategy

Emma Salisbury investigates the issues facing global shipbuilding and where British strategy may provide a way forward

Naval innovation in a maritime century

Prof. Alessio Patalano and Emma Salisbury underscore the importance of innovation in providing the UK with a strategic edge in the maritime domain

China’s undersea capability: Meeting the challenge

In the second part of a special series on underwater warfare, Emma Salisbury assesses the challenge posed by the Chinese navy’s submarine force