Short Reads

23 August 2021

China’s interests in Afghanistan

Dr John Hemmings explains why China is putting so much effort into staying on the Taliban's good side and what it wants out of Afghanistan
22 November 2021

Why space matters to the United Kingdom

Richard Payne examines the reasons behind the United Kingdom's recent focus on the commercial space sector and space defence
30 June 2021

Amazon’s waste scandal: awful, but what next?

William Young asks how the United Kingdom could reform its waste disposal systems after ITV News claimed that Amazon sends unwanted goods to landfill
20 December 2021

The Biden-Putin Meeting: Now comes the hard part

Dr Alexander Lanoszka argues that despite improving relations, the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin did not lead to any form of breakthrough
20 December 2021

Belarus’ leader goes rogue

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė explains what measures Euro-Atlantic countries should take to curtail the increasingly unruly behaviour of Belarus’ regime
17 December 2021

New Zealand may have the carrot, but the stick will come

Jeremy Hutton examines New Zealand's reluctance to call out Chinese behaviour, its dependence on Beijing and what allies should do to help
16 December 2021

China’s influence in Europe takes a Baltic hit

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė assesses the geopolitical implications of Lithuania and Estonia’s decision to downgrade relations with China
16 December 2021

United Kingdom: How it was born and how to preserve it

Iain Milligan looks at the construction of the United Kingdom. How was it born and how can it be preserved?
16 December 2021

Foreign aid and the Integrated Review

Ryan Henson argues that, after Covid-19, Official Development Assistance should be central to Britain’s strategic policy
16 December 2021

Russia in the Integrated Review

Dr Andrew Foxall assesses how Russia is identified in the Integrated Review as a strategic threat to the United Kingdom and other free and open nations