New Explainer on the Chinese Communist Party at 100

Policy-makers need to understand the CCP ‘and the ways it operates via government, businesses and other organisations’, says Holly Snape.

In this Explainer from Dr Holly Snape for the Council on Geostrategy, the history of the Chinese Communist Party is examined and the ways in which it has evolved – and more importantly, stayed the same – are examined.

You can read the report here.

She argues that the CCP is not likely to implode any time soon, and it is thus essential for the free and open democracies around the world to have a ‘clear-eyed’ understanding of how it operates. This includes being able to read and understand the ‘turgid, obfuscating language’ it likes to use to describe its internal workings.

What today’s CCP leadership means by ‘modernising’ governance – ‘basic completion’ of which is the main goal for 2035 – involves a system that the Party Centre can swiftly manipulate; that enables the rapid (re)calibration of government bodies’ foci in order to respond to problems and mobilise resources and actions toward achieving the centre’s goals and initiatives.

Dr. Holly Snape