New Primer on becoming a science superpower

Britain needs to remember that it is David, not Goliath, says William Young.

In this Primer for the Council on Geostrategy, William Young discusses the UK government’s commitments to becoming a science and technology superpower. He concludes that ‘it is clear that HM Government is rhetorically and financially committed to this course’.

You can read the report here.

Next, William lays out several potential policy routes that the government might follow to achieve these goals. He argues that it is essential to see hundreds of small changes across all aspects of the economy and industry rather than one or two big changes. He highlights the fact that Britain has a history of innovation, and reclaiming it can allow us to lead the ‘Green Revolution’

Britain has always been forced to compete in an environment in which competitors have had greater geographic size and, at times, economic mass. British power has never come from size and mass. Instead, the UK’s strength has been derived from its density and intensity – particularly from the early adoption of innovation.

William Young

You can read the report here.