Response to the Integrated Review

The Council on Geostrategy describes the Integrated Review as ‘bold but realistic’

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s speech and the publication of the Integrated Review, the Council on Geostrategy has issued the following comments by James Rogers, Co-founder and Director of Research at the Council on Geostrategy.

Commenting on the content of the Integrated Review, James Rogers said:

This review is a bold but realistic declaration of Britain’s global intent in a more uncertain and competitive age.

For some years Britain has lacked geostrategic direction and been a background actor. This strategy rightly emphasises the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific regions which are bound increasingly together.

In the years ahead, Britain should embrace its natural role as a leader of nations and a custodian of the green age and the open international order.

Commenting on the UK’s Indo-Pacific tilt and approach towards China, James Rogers said:

Without ignoring the threat from Russia to the Euro-Atlantic, the Integrated Review has rightly acknowledged how important the Indo-Pacific region is to Britain’s global interests.

It is therefore right to position the United Kingdom as the key European power in the Indo-Pacific. This will enable Britain to strike new trade deals to help level up the country and underpin regional security.

However, it is concerning that the review insufficiently addresses the systemic threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and follows too fine a line between trading with and challenging China.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statement on the Integrated Review in the House of Commons today, James Rogers said:

The Integrated Review is innovative because it places science, technology and the green industrial revolution at the heart of Britain’s national power. Without a strong national powerbase in a more competitive era, Britain will lack the means to uphold its interests and protect its allies.