The Council on Geostrategy launches a new podcast with ADS Group and BAE Systems

On Tuesday 24th October, the Council on Geostrategy launched a new podcast entitled ‘Defence Talks: Securing UK Advantage’ in partnership with ADS Group and sponsored by BAE Systems.

This new podcast will explore the key themes in British defence in the context of an increasingly contested international security environment. It will consider how the UK can shape the international agenda, focusing on how technology, innovation, skills, and defence strategies help to advance Britain’s interests, as well as those of its key allies and partners.

Find out more about ‘Defence Talks: Securing UK Advantage’.

In our inaugural episode, we discuss the recent refresh to the Defence Command Paper and its impact on British defence. Experts including Dr Robert Johnson, Director, Secretary of State’s Office for Net Assessment and Challenge, provide insights into the UK’s strategic priorities, the critical role of Britain’s defence industrial base, and what the future holds for British defence.

Listen to the first episode on ‘The Refresh of the Defence Command Paper: Implications for British Defence’.